Gifted with the ability to shift into a wolf, mermaid Princess Sapphire Minala yearns for the day she's granted permission to leave her underwater asylum. When that day finally arrives, Sapphire ventures out with two tasks she is determined to complete. One - learn to control her Magik powers. Two - find the man who haunts her dreams through her Mermaid Bond, which turns out to be easier than she originally expected. Except Rye Adoms wants absolutely nothing to do with her beyond her training as a royal guard.

While attempting to keep her secrets from being discovered and gaining Rye Adoms affection, Sapphire finds herself kidnapped by the one thing she fears most, Traders. Secrets and relationships are exposed when Sapphire is taken deep within the Alijah Mountains to the forbidden realm of the dragons and thrown headfirst into a war that has been forming for over seventeen years.


She felt the sensations of the change and reveled in them, the magnificent feelings leaving a radiance of power in its stead and in an instant she stood on all fours, howling out her joy of once again being a wolf. She took off blindly into the forest, jumping fallen trees and bushes, in her hast to live free. Her new found euphoria caused her to trespass in taken territory before she realized her mistake. The sharp scent of wolf laced with blueberries; her only warning before she was tackled to the forest floor, a large white wolf with jet black paws standing over her, his deadly teeth bared in angry accusation.

“Why do you trespass?” he hissed in a commanding growl, his sharp fangs very near her throat. Sapphire’s heart sped up in fear as she stared into his electric blue eyes.

“I'm sorry, I didn’t mean to.” She stuttered out. “I was just playing.” She mumbled as she averted her eyes and watched as three more territorial wolves appeared. His growl deepened at her answer and he nipped her hard on the ear in rebuff as one would do a pup. She let out a sharp yelp of surprise at the sudden pain that he created.

"You do not look like a pup any more, what reason do you have to play like one and not realize you left your own territory?” she gulped down the lump of dread in her throat as she thought of an answer that wouldn’t give her away completely but would satisfy the dominate male wolf above her.

“I am not use to being a wolf." She admitted quietly. "For the last eight years I have not been able to Change when I wanted, I had to wait until no one was around. And I don’t have any territory," Sapphire stated lightly. "If anything, you are my pack” It was the truth just without all of the tiny little, extra tidbit of details. She would give her father’s pack that much. He stared completely puzzled by her words but she could see the indecision in his eyes about her. He couldn't wrap his mind around a demon not being able to shift. She could see the warring confusion in his eyes and the obvious skepticism at her being one of his packmates

“You are not one of our pack." he finally growled, sniffing at her a couple times just to be certain. "I make it my business to know all of our packmates, especially the wolves and you are definitely not one of them.” He snarled, once again baring teeth that looked way too dangerous as he backed away and let her roll onto her feet but she refused to stand, instead stayed on her belly, shielding it if he thought to attack. “Get up. I am taking you to the Alpha and he will decide your punishment for trespassing and why you claim to be a part of our pack.”

As she finally stood, the other three wolves placed themselves around her. Two of them flanked her and the other stood beside her like a personal guard, while the white wolf indicated the way. He took her deeper into the forest and all at once many scents assaulted her heightened sense of smell, not knowing where they came from since she could not see anyone or any wolves. Some smells delightfully familiar reminding her of when she was a child. She inhaled the familiarity and hugged it to her heart. She missed the smell of pack more than she had thought. It would be good to see the demons she remembered, especially her two friends. Their reunion was long overdue.

They came to a sharp opening and many more memories assaulted her, she could see her friends when they played together, her father and mother watching her with smiles on their faces and a young Amaya ruling over the younger females. She stared at the circle where the pack would gather under the full moon before the meeting with the other three packs to howl and she blushed lightly as she remembered her feeble attempt the last time she was present. Her frail human voice had been pitiful compared to the real howls of the wolves.

A young girl ran around chasing another but when they saw her being guarded, they scrambled back into one of the many little houses that covered the clearing. They were small like a hut but they could fit many wolves in at one time. A stunning young woman walked over to them and placed her hand on the white wolfs fur in a very intimate gesture. Sapphire saw his body relax slightly under her touch. The girl had a sharp but beautiful looking face with bright mocha colored eyes and short dark brown hair. The girl looked familiar and before she had time to place her, another scent enveloped her as a low growl alarmed her. She found herself watching as a handsome young man with brown hair and hues of red shifted, going wolf.

The reddish brown wolf she met yesterday stared back at her, his ears back, a furious stare greeted her. The white wolf glanced at him and motioned him to come forward. He did so obediently, all the while glaring at her. She wanted to whack him over the head but refrained from the action. It was his duty to protect the pack, even from her. “Take her into the cabin that we keep for trespassers while I go hunt down Rye.” The red wolf nodded and butted his head harder than needed against her shoulder, shoving her into the nearest cabin. Rye? Was he Alpha now? She couldn’t believe that he was already the Alpha. It was a good thing though. He had been extraordinarily strong for a pup. She only hoped Judd was safe and unharmed.

“What’s your name?” Sapphire asked deciding to learn as much about the wolf before her as she could before she was revealed to be a member. She shook her head as she sat inside the small cabin while the other wolf lay sprawled in front of the door. “Change," he demanded, "You will not meet the Alpha Changed.” He snapped once again causing Sapphire to fight the sudden urge to roll her eyes. She did as commanded and stood across the room in her human form. At least she was dressed nice this time, she giggled at the thought, remembering the cold glare from the panther the day before and watched as the wolf's eyes narrowed at her, curious as to her upbeat attitude.

“Ryan, you can bring her out now to be judged.” The woman from earlier said as she poked her head through the curtained door. Ryan stood and Sapphire laughed, she could not stop the excitement that bubbled from her chest. The wolf that was being so judgmental with her right now was her childhood friend. She could see it plain as day now, he looked older and more mature but he still held the same playful expression even as he glared at her once again for her cheerful disposition. She should have realized it by his fur color but she hadn’t and she was musing that the woman could only be Sin. At least she hoped it was Sin, she did resemble her but the years had definitely remodeled her from the child she remembered.

“So, Ryan is your name.” she said suppressing another instantaneous giggle, while he stood and continued to ignore her, he ended up shifting back to human, grabbing her by the arm as he forced her through the opened door. She looked up into his familiar brown gaze that was ringed by rust and noticed how much he changed from the boy she had once known. His hair was long and shaggy with multi-shades of brown and red, his body thin but definitely well-toned, as she could tell in the death grip that her arm was receiving. His jaw was strong with a broad chiseled face but it was his eyes that were the masterpiece, they were lightly angled and the coloring was what she always remembered. Too bad he wasn't the one she was bonded to. Actually she was glad. It would have been too weird. She never felt anything for him other than friendship, then again, none of her packmates inspired anything but appreciation, and she had only been four, barely old enough to have a crush.

“You are going to feel bad in a minute.” She lightly mumbled but he just pushed her forward, attempting to ignore her the entire time, never replying to any of her light attempts at conversation but she noticed the way his gaze lingered on her dark eyes. She closed them and took a deep breath as she watched the gathered crowd who stared curiously at her. She wanted to growl and command them to all go away but she definitely had no authority within the pack. She had not seen them all in years and she thought she never would again. Oh, how she hated being the center of attention!

Movement caught her eyes as another man walked towards her, his eyes narrowed slightly. She recognized him immediately, even as his scent curled around her in a nostalgic embrace, he was Judd, the old Alpha. He stopped a few feet away from her and she watched as he took a deep breath, inhaling her scent, searching for something. She could tell he recognized her scent but couldn't quite decide who she was. The scent of dark and brooding sandalwood startled her, causing her to turn every way possible until she could to find the source. She felt her body began to constrict in nervousness. He was here! Her eyes landed on a man who walked up into the middle of the circle, the scent pouring from him, it was just slightly different with a hint of smoke. But it was him!

Sapphire couldn't breathe as she watched him, she did not know if it was the Mermaid Bond that drew her to him or the sight of him but she was definitely drawn in. He was gorgeous and definitely all male. He didn’t look like the Rye she remembered as a child, but she knew it was him, only the Alpha could stand before her. His hair was dark and wavy enhancing his face as his hazel eyes stared deep into hers. She felt someone, probably Ryan; shove her closer towards him, to stand in the trespassers spot. She stumbled slightly as she regained her balance as he watched her, waiting for her attempt at defending herself but instead only his name came out in a husky whisper.   

“Rye.” He lifted an eyebrow slightly as he looked her up and down, trying to determine how she knew him and if he indeed knew her. She stepped forward and took a steadying breath as she spoke once more. “It’s been a very long time.”

At those words every wolf stared from her to him, she knew what they were thinking and she didn't care. He wouldn’t remember her anyway. At least until she was known as a pack member who they long ago thought deceased. She saw his father come around and step beside her, his eyes were shinning with what looked like unshed tears.

“Sapphire, it's you right?” he startled her. She hadn't expected him to remember her right away. She confirmed with a slight nod and he quickly took her hands into his and held onto them tight. “We thought Jared killed you with your father and mother. We never saw you or your parents again, where have you been?” he asked concern warring within his confused features.

“With my mother and her family,” she explained with a small smile. “I never thought I would get to see you again Judd.” A man angrily stepped up to them with jet black hair and sizzling blue eyes.

“You are telling me," His words a low hiss. He was definitely pissed. "She spoke the truth when she said she was a part of our pack?” Judd nodded as he turned to face the pack.

“This woman is a part of our pack and she shall not be harmed. I may not be Alpha anymore but I still hold authority.” He said as his voice echoed throughout the clearing.

“Thank you. I have missed you," she turned to both Ryan and Sin, "and my friends.” She said laughter slightly in her voice as she glanced at a now blushing Ryan, totally different from the beast he had been only moments before. He quickly averted his gaze and walked over to Sin, whispering something into her ear. When Sapphire went to turn her gaze to Rye he was gone and she felt the first telltale signs of disappointment. He didn’t even say hi to her, he just took off after realizing there wasn’t going to be a punishment. She made a slight pout with her lips before returning her attention to her friends.


After the apparent, initial awe of her return Ryan and Sin walked up to her, Ryan still refusing to meet her gaze. He was taller than her by a good foot and Sin only half. Sin hugged her tight and said she had been devastated when she thought she was dead. They both were. Sin had definitely changed as well, her mocha colored eyes enhanced her beauty and her short hair held a silky shine.

“I’m sorry," Ryan mumbled, "You look so different now and when you left, I hadn’t changed so I never knew your scent.” The face he made had Sapphire pulling him into her embrace and whispering “Its ok” softly into his ear. He smiled and pulled back, his gaze meeting hers as she smiled. She hadn’t realized how much she missed him, them.

December 2013


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